Apps we love!

In my school we are extremely lucky that we have two class sets of iPads which are used regularly. I thought it would be a good idea to share some apps that we like to use with the children and find out which apps you guys all love! I’ll probably make a few of these posts over the course of the year, but just thought I would start with 3 we love at school!

1. Comic Life (£3.99, plasq LLC)
Comic Life is an app which allows you to edit and make comics from anything! You get some basic comic layouts and then you can edit them with your own pictures from your camera roll and then type in your own text. Text can be edited to suit how the children want it to look.

Our children love this app. It’s been used in all subjects – I’ve used it in English, French and ICT. For example, we’ve done the story of Romeo and Juliet using this app and the children really enjoyed it.

2.  I Can Animate (£2.29, Kudlian Software)
I Can Animate is an app we just recently were introduced to at school. The changes in the curriculum have made it more apparent children need to be able to use software to create an animation. When we had the training for this app we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very simple to use: create a new animation, take some pictures – the app leaves you with an ‘onion skin’ (which is an ICT term for what the last picture taken was) – and then press play and voila! For those who want more of a challenge you can add sounds (either already created, or voice overs) and title pages!

Again, this is very popular with our children so much so that we had to start an animation club so the children could get more I Can Animate fun! We use this app with everyone from Year 1 to Year 6 and all children are thoroughly engaged. It’s incredible watching the animations that the children produce.

3. Book Creator (£3.99, Red Jumper Limited: there is a free version available!)
Book Creator is just that: an app that allows children to create a book. They can input pictures, text, voice, music etc to their books. Their book can be whatever they want it to be. The app is simple to use and simple to teach to the children how to use.

Our children love this, and it has been an excellent tool for getting the children to “write a book” about one of their topics studied – not just in literacy, but across all areas of the curriculum. It’s so easy to use and the children quite often ask if they can write a book in their own spare ICT time. Gotta be a positive thing, right?

Now it’s over to you: share some apps you love at your school… either for your own use or ones the children use. Do you use any of the ones above?

There’s always chat over on twitter using #edchat or #edtechchat!

S x

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