FREEBIE Monday: Imagination workout

Good morning guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a freebie resource on here, but after I posted it on Twitter and Instagram, people went a bit mad wanting to see it… so here it is!

So how do I use it?

Every morning, my kids come in (we have a soft start to the morning where children can arrive from 8:40 and the register is taken at 8:55) and complete some kind of activity. Monday to Thursday it’s a revision/learning type activity (if you wanna see more of that, let me know!) and then on a Friday it’s more of a creative type activity to get them thinking more outside the box.

Children come in, whenever that is, and they get on with whatever the task is. They really love seeing whatever is in front of them.

Why bother?

I find that some of my kids have some very tunnel vision about things and giving them these kinds of activities help them to be a little less fixed in their thinking… also it’s a bit of fun! It gives the kids a chance to be a bit more free and creative and use their imagination. Initially, a few of my children struggled to think outside the box, but now, they’re embracing it and coming up with some wild things, ha. (Pictures below)

These sheets are usually set out when it comes to our staff briefing on a Friday and it’s always commented that they look fun (so much so that I’ve had to start printing extra for the staff to do/take away, ha).

Can I see it in action?

Of course! Below are some of the examples of the different sheets in the document… and below those, I took some snaps of a few of my kids’ examples for you!

And now, some examples from my kids, as promised!

Okay, great, how do I download?

Well… it’s as easy as clicking DOWNLOAD below. No catch. No charge. Just free. Also, it’s in PowerPoint so feel free to edit however you see fit!

And that’s it for me for right now!

Don’t forget, you can check out my Teaching Resources page and see all the other free teaching resources that are up for grabs!

As always, I’d love to know if this is any use to you! Feel free to download! But please don’t put this on any websites claiming them as your own – a little credit (either of my blog, my twitter @eenalol or my instagram @thisgeordieteaches) goes a long long way! Please spread the love and share this as far and as wide as you wish!

S x

One thought on “FREEBIE Monday: Imagination workout

  1. Kristina says:

    That’s so cute!! Hilarious to see what some of them has come with (Jeff?? 🤣) also few has a mindlike imagination!

    I’m gonna be honest, I first looked at the shape and went « errhhh » myself .. but that is at midnight so 😅 maybe id do better ahaha


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