Where have you been?


Well… I’m back again!

Just a short post today to give you a very quick piece of info!

I”m so sorry to anyone who I owe a blog post to – I’ve been having some blog issues behind the scenes! These blog posts will come (I’ll backdate them to when they should’ve been posted) in the coming days now that I SEEM to have all of my issues sorted!

I will be back and posting a few times a week – I have missed being creative and writing away on here, and I’ve missed shouting about books (I mean, I’m still doing that on Twitter and Instagram so if you want incessant chat about books, you can follow me on there!).

As always, I’ll be posting about books, about school and about films – because films are a big big part of my life now… I am at the cinema watching films about as regularly as I am reading a book!

I’ve missed you all, and I will speak to you all next week!

Let me know if there’s anything special you want to see on my blog – I have Christmassy plans and all kinds!

S x

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