What we’ve been watching #8

What started as a one off post has definitely turned into a series on my blog.

I’ve posted a few of these now and have been totally surprised by how popular the posts were! Who knew you guys would be so invested in the films that I’d been watching? Luckily, my girlfriend, the film-lover in my life, and I go to the cinema/watch films at home all the time (so prepare yourself for one of these more and more often ha).


3000 Years of Longing

I’m still not sure I fully know what this was about besides the mad Idris genie and Tilda Swinton’s character making wishes. Don’t ask me what it was about beyond that… cause I don’t really remember haha. Saying that, I enjoyed it though. It was interesting and there was loads to look at and talk about. It was just BONKERS. Plus, how can one not enjoy Idris Elba? That man is a HUNK. Plus, it had some gorgeous colour mixing and was gorgeously shot. 

See How They Run

I loved this – we’d seen the trailer once or twice before we managed to get to see it. By the time we got to the cinema we’d maybe missed the first 5 mins, but in terms of story, we didn’t miss anything. As I watched, I was proper taken by this! It proper made me lol at times – there was just little things that made my heart really happy! I loved the synchronicity and the pay off at the end (I absolutely love a good bit of pay off… ask Rach!). I loved the array of actors – there wasn’t a bad egg in this bunch. On top of that, there was some bloody gorgeous costume and set design too – it was just a feast for the eyes and the brain to be honest! This is the kind of film I would quite happily watch lots… as in this kind of genre, not this film over and over, ha.


I told you I liked Idris Elba, ha. All I could think as I watched this was “Honestly, why do people insist on taking their children on dangerous safaris?” Cause it’s not the life you wanna lead. Idris was clever at the end and I wouldn’t object if he was like “wanna go on holiday?” but yeah, maybe don’t take your kids somewhere dangerous like that. It was a good length too – just the right about of action and all that in the time frame… films like this can DRAG and I’m not about that life. Those kids were brilliant and brave. This made me jump and flail because I was SCARED, so take that how you will. 


For once, these might still be in the cinema by the time these reviews go live!!

If you’d like more film reviews, let me know!

Have you seen any of these?
Are you a big film buff?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

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