What I’ve been watching… #1

Good morning!

I’m starting a new thing around here. Recently, my life has changed and films (fillums as I say in my lovely Geordie accent) have become a much bigger part of my life… so I figured I should embrace that and share with you all mini film reviews of what I’ve seen recently!

This isn’t going to be a massively common thing around here, but every time I’ve been to see 3-4 things at the cinema, I’ll share with you all.


The 355

355' Trailer: Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Penélope Cruz | IndieWire

Saw this on Friday night and BLOODY LOVED IT. Gorgeous women, guns and spying? Sign me up for more of this thanks! Add that in with s bit of Sebastian Stan and you have an absolute winner! I thoroughly enjoyed this film, even though I almost jumped out of my skin at one point. I wouldn’t mind being a spy with The 355! The ending was well satisfying. I loved how we got each of their stories and how the relationships between the women changed through the film. Excellent Friday night viewing!


First trailer released for Sir Kenneth Branagh's new movie, Belfast - The  Irish News

This was a very exciting ‘Secret Screening’ that I was hoping was going to be Sing 2 (cause I can not wait to go see this), but honestly, I was NOT disappointed in this at all. This film is so incredibly cast. Buddy is one of the most precious kids in the world. Favourite line? “It doesn’t matter who she is as long as she’s kind and fair” (honestly, even now, like a week and a half after seeing it, this line just kicks me in the gut and makes me very emotional). Jamie Dornan looks well handsome in black and white with a slight beard. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get into it as much as I did – this definitely isn’t the kind of film that I’d choose to go and see, but it was brilliant. Plus, I could listen to the Irish accent all day ha

Matrix Resurrection

The Matrix Resurrections: 2. Trailer zum vierten Film der Sci-Fi-Saga

Now this, this was something I was excited to see. I LOVED the Matrix films growing up. I went to see them all with my brother and I was VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing this! It was so amazing to be back in this world with characters I grew up watching and loving. Watching this made me so sad that I missed my brother. However the sheer meta-ness of it all made me so happy – there’s loads of throwbacks to the original trilogy. I loved all of the cameos and throwbacks to the original. Neo and Trinity for life. Also how dare they all be so incredibly stylish?! If you were a fan of the original series, you’ll enjoy this!


I hope you enjoyed this foray into something a bit different for me!

If you’d like more film reviews, let me know!

Have you seen any of these?
Are you a big film buff?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

S x

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