July in books

Good morning everyone! 

Apologies for my quietness around here recently. It’s the holidays and my brains just needed a rest. I’m hoping to get back to regular posting in the next few weeks, but I promise you I’m not going anywhere!


I’m chuffed I managed to read so many to be honest! I didn’t think I’d managed so many!


Kids books

I had the chance to read some utter winners in July. I can not wait for everyone to read The Book of Stolen Dreams and The Chime Seekers in particular – I absolutely adored both of them and I can not wait to get them in my classroom. I think my new class are going to adore them! Some younger reads in here too that I’ll be sharing with my colleagues in younger classes or putting in our whole school library!

YA books

Again, there’s some utter winners here. I really love the summer holidays because it gives me the chance to have a bit of a freer brain, and with that freer brain comes my love of YA. These 3 are absolute winners and I think people are going to love them. Watch out for Ace of Spades in particular: it’s an absolute winner!

2021 BOOKS READ: 112/104

And that’s about it for this month!

What did you read in July?
What was your favourite read in July?
What are your reading aims for 2021?

Talk to me in the comments, or shout at me on Twitter! I’d love to talk and know what’s worth reading! Reviews for all of these will be up soon!

S x

P.s sorry for graphics – I’m just playing around with my new iPad, rather than posting from my laptop, so I’m still learning ha!

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