BLOG TOUR: Ross Montgomery and Sarah Warburton

Ten Delicious Teachers: a hilarious story of peril (don’t walk through the woods guys!)

Ten very foolish teachers have missed the last bus home. But LOOK – a shortcut through the forest! They’ll be back in time for tea! Off they skip, unaware that in the woods a hungry horde of mischievous and hilariously goofy monsters is waiting…

I am a massive fan of Ross Montgomery books and when I heard he had a picture book coming out, I was itching to get my hands on it… flash forward to me finding out it was titled ‘Ten Delicious Teachers’ I was even more excited to get my hands on it

But teachers beware, you’re in for a scare!

Ten Delicious Teachers tells the perilous tale of a bunch of teachers who miss the bus and have to wander through the forest to get home. What they don’t realise is that as they’re wandering through the forest there are monsters following them. Monster who are hungry and think teachers are delicious. This book is truly an ode to EYFS teachers… because you should never mess with them ha!

This is a lush counting book that I think younger children will adore! There’s the quintessential things that you want with a counting book and then there’s gorgeous humour about it too! This is a wonderful rhyming book too! It would be great to use this across school though and get older children to come up with their own version (can you tell I’d quite like to do that?)

I think outside of the hilarious story of teachers being lured into the mouths of monsters and being tricked with a picnic, the thing that stands out for me in this is the illustrations – these monsters truly come to life because of Sarah Warburton’s incredible illustrations! Each page is so full of delights and there’s so much to cast your eye on. The cover alone is enough to lure me into this book, but as you go through you see so much more! And there’s loads of little details that I adore too!

A massive thanks to Walker for sending me an early copy of this and inviting me to be on the blog tour! I can’t wait to take this into school and see what my class, and the whole school, think of it!

Remember to check out the rest of the blog tour! And get yourself a copy of this – it’s out TOMORROW!

S x

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