ThursTAG: the book buying tag

Morning everyone!

Apologies for the relative silence around here this week. It’s the first week of the holidays and I’m just trying to give my brain a little bit of resting time. I’ll probably pick up blogging again properly in the next fortnight or so!

I’m here with another tag today. I don’t remember where I found this, but I’d saved the questions in my notes app, so if this is your tag, please please let me know so I can credit you!


1. Where do you buy your books from?

Oh man, all kinds of places! Waterstones, WH Smith’s, Amazon (yes, I know we shouldn’t be buying from there, but let’s leave that argument for another time thanks), charity shops, second hand online… all over!

2. Do you ever pre-order books and if so do you do this in store or online?

I do! Mostly online! I don’t preorder as much as I used to, but I do love the unexpected parcel when you’ve forgotten ha!

3. On average, how many books do you buy a month?

I don’t actually know. It fluctuates. I can buy like 20 a month, or I can buy like 3. On average? Probably about 8.

4. Do you use your local library?

I don’t as much as I should!

5. If so – how many books can you/do you borrow at a time?

I THINK there’s a 10 book limit, but don’t hold me to that!

6. What is your opinion on library books?

Love them. I’m in a very fortunate position that I can afford to buy/am sent a lot of books, but I think libraries are so so necessary for the world!

7. How do you feel about charity shop/second hand books?

YES DO IT. STAN THIS. As a teacher who buys many books for her classroom, I can’t afford to buy brand new books all the time, so second hand books are brilliant… and you’d be amazed at the books you can find in second hand shops!

8. Do you keep your read and TBR pile together/on the same book shelf or not?

Nope, I have a PROCESS. My TBR are all in a pile (well 2 piles… a YA pile and an MG pile). Once a book has been read, it either goes in a bag to go to school/to my godchildren, in my ‘to keep’ pile (and then on shelves/in my drawers) or it goes in the charity shop/offer to friends pile.

9. Do you plan to read all the books that you own?

Yes. I will say this: when I buy the book I have every intention of reading it… whether I do or not is another matter, ha. I do cull my books every now and again to weed out the ones I’ve not got round to and won’t ever get round to.

10. What do you do with books that you own and that you feel you’ll never read/felt you didn’t enjoy?

Like I said up there, books go in a few different places. If I didn’t enjoy it or if I’ll never read it, it depends on a few factors. Do I know someone who will enjoy it? Is it a book that I think people will enjoy? Can it go to school? Depending on a few things, it’ll go to a friend, my family or the charity shop.

11. Have you ever donated books?

ALL THE TIME. You should’ve seen the 2 massive bags of books I sent along to the charity shop last week.

12. Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

I’ll say yes, but let’s be honest, I still bought books.

13. Do you feel that you buy too many books?

What is this “too many books” you speak of?


What are your thoughts? Do you love a library book? Is there such a thing as too many books?

Talk to me in the comments or tweet me! I’d love to know!

S x

2 thoughts on “ThursTAG: the book buying tag

  1. Kristina says:

    Ouhh nice tag!
    Man- idk how people can place their read and unread books together.. imean- HOW can you possibly know which is which ?! it’s beyond me ahah

    I can’t say i’ve put myself on a buying ban… im pretty good with that. Ithink the most I got in one time was 6? and maybe once every 3month, so not too bad. Before the pandemic, I used to take trips to the bookstore once a month — but that kind of went down 😅


  2. Cherryl says:

    Definitely no much things as too many books, I don’t see any need to set limits on this. I must admit, I have never considered using my local library because I like to own my books, I wouldn’t want to give them back unless I didn’t like the book for some reason 😊


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