Summer holiday hopes

I always look forward to the summer holidays. Not because I don’t love my job (I do a lot), but because it’s the only time my brain truly manages to switch off from ‘teacher mode’ and goes into ‘Steph mode. It’s the only time of year I manage to be me for a bit. I find that in 2 week holidays, I can switch off but the teacher in me is always there in the background. I’m sure there’s loads of teachers out there who find the summer holiday a time to recharge, relax and unwind. (I struggle with the summer holiday too, but we’ll get to that another time).

This year, I’ll still be being cautious (cause COVID yknow) but my summer plans look like:

Reading lots of books. Doing a bit of cpd reading. Going away to the Lakes and just relaxing. Spending time with my family. Enjoying the sunshine. Having some lie ins. Going to the beach. Watching the olympics. Running a lot. Reading a bit more. Seeing some friends. Doing some work. Setting up my classroom ready for next year. Tidying and sorting books. Seeing my pal-o. Laughing a lot. Going out for breakfasts when I feel comfortable doing so. Many Starbucks. Doing some shopping. Doing those things I don’t get time for during term time – doctors, dentist, opticians. Buying some new glasses. Taking care of myself whatever that looks like. Reading more books.

While all of this might not sound thrilling to anyone else, I truly can not wait.

What are your summer plans?

I’d love to know what you’re getting up to! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

S x

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