BLOG TOUR: #EmpathyDay 2021

I have been honoured to be involved in the celebrations for Empathy Day over the past few years and this year’s activity was a WHOLE load of fun! I actually did this with my kids, but I didn’t manage to snap any pics in time for them to go live with mine and author Sue Pickford’s.


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I imagined my favourite book character Vi (from Vi Spy by Maz Evans) choosing some new shoes and thought about what kind they should be. Sue did the same with their favourite book character. Here’s our drawings to show the shoes we chose for our characters. Have a go at this activity at home using the guide in @EmpathyLabUK’s Families Activity Pack

Here are my shoes for Vi (from Vi Spy by Maz Evans):

Here are Sue’s amazing shoes for Maddie Yip (from Maddie Yip’s Guide to Life coming out in August!!)

This would be such a fun one to do with kids at school or with families! I know when we did it at school it created quite a buzz of conversation and it was incredible to see how creative the kids were!

Be sure to check out the rest of the amazing posts on the blog tour and remember to check out the rest of the activities and get involved in #EmpathyDay!

S x

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