BOOK BLOG: Katie and Kevin Tsang

Dragon Legend: a fast-paced adventure that’ll make you want to keep reading!

Billy Chan and his friends are not having a very relaxing summer. Their friend, Dylan, has been kidnapped by the evil Dragon of Death and it’s up to them to travel through time, back to the dangerous Dragon Realm, in order to save him. Luckily they have their own dragons on side, but they’ll need to collect eight magical pearls if they’re to amass enough power to destroy the Dragon of Death and her followers for good. So begins an epic quest that will take them to the depths of the Frozen Wasteland and the imperial palaces of Ancient China. But can good triumph evil…?

After the ending of book 1 (Dragon Mountain) which left me absolutely gasping for more from this series, I knew I needed to get my hands on this book ASAP. After a gruelling wait on Netgalley, I was approved to read it and then within 2 days, I had gobbled through this book and I just adored it. I will also say that Dragon Mountain is one of the most reviewed books in my classroom and my kids are SO JEALOUS that I’ve read book 2 already!

Dragon Legend sees us carry on our story with our brilliant friends and their dragons. They’re on a mission to save one of their own, while having someone “on their side” who isn’t really on board. This newcomer seems to want to help, has a way to help and does eventually help the gang in some way, but as ever Billy isn’t quite sure what to do about them. The children must go on a mission across lands to find the eight magical pearls before the Dragon of Death is able to get her hands on them. They have to travel to some wonderful and weird places to track down these pearls, and of course come across some bizarre and terrifying creatures in their wake.

As with the first book (where we’re introduced to the gang), you get this wonderful sense of friendship; this wonderful sense of belonging. There’s something really comforting and familiar with this group of children (who at any time probably wouldn’t have been friends) and their dragon compadres. We get to know the kids a little bit better, but we also see more of the dragons too. They have some brilliant teamwork and they really show the importance of kindness and doing what’s right in this. They’re loyal, they’re brave and they’re strong (and they fight some things I would NEVER be brave enough to fight!!).

There’s a wonderful internal fight between good and evil in one of the dragons in this book. We see one of them really having to keep a grip on the good magic in them as well as fighting off the dark magic. (I won’t spoil it further than that, but I will say that when the THING happened, I was SHOCKED). I’m a big fan of a fight between good and evil.

I think Kevin and Katie have written another brilliant addition to this series. This is fast-paced, full of adventure and the ending leads us to a whole other world. A whole new kind of existence. This book made me laugh; it shocked me and it made me desperate to keep reading.

My Goodreads review:

Well, if this isn’t just a blooming magnificent sequel and a half. Dragons, friendship, powers, some BAD BAD baddies and full of adventure. This is deliciously good – full of shocked many times and that ending has left me DESPERATE for book 3. The brilliance of book one with even more incredible worlds, strange creatures and darkness everywhere. You can’t not love these kids and their dragons! I need to know what is going to happen next!!

A massive massive thank you to Simon and Schuster for sending me a copy via Netgalley!!

Have you read Dragon Mountain?
Do you love a dragon story?
Would you love a dragon friend?

Talk to me in the comments! I can’t wait for this book to come out and for everyone to LOVE it as much as I did!

S x

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