FREE RESOURCE: PowerPoint starter screen

Hello everyone!

In the name of sharing and being kind, I thought I’d just quickly share this!

Yesterday, I shared this on Twitter and a few people asked if they wouldn’t mind me emailing it to them… so I figured it would be easier if I just saved it centrally and then I could just point you all in this direction.

Obviously, there are 100s of different templates that look like this and some of them look way fancier, but I wanted something quite simplistic and straight forward. Something that wouldn’t take a lot of explaining, that children could just see on the screen and knew what was expected of them. I’m a big fan of these little icons, so hopefully my children will quickly get to know what each of them means. I’ve used the icons throughout the PowerPoint too (for example if I want answered to be shared verbally, I’ve put in the hand up icon, but if I want children to share their answers in the chat box, I’ve used that icon).

This is something I’ll have on the screen for the children who are at our meetings straight away. It’s a visual way for children to see what they need for the lesson (I’ll change the icons if the equipment changes) and it’s something for them to do (on the right) while we admit the rest of the class etc.

As I say, this isn’t going to revolutionise the world and you might think it’s of no use, but a few people asked!

Thanks for popping by! I hope you are all well and that the world is treating you kindly.

S x

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