December in books


I know… I know… December was ages ago now, but I never got round to rounding up the books I read in December (and I had quite a productive reading month thanks to the Christmas holidays!). My brain needed to just switch off and do a lot of reading (I should’ve done a lot more work than I did, but honestly, my brain just couldn’t cope!).

In December, I read 16 books!

I’m chuffed with that!

Let’s start with YA books

If I can implore you to buy and read one book in 2021, it’s Last One To Die. It is INCREDIBLE. It’s a debut and it’s out

Now the MG

This bunch of books is wonderfully diverse and I adored each and every single one of them for different reasons! I feel incredibly lucky to have read a copy of Strangeworlds Travel Agency already!!

Now, the graphic novels

We all know I’ve been on a true journey of falling for graphic novels in 2020 and December showed me a whole load of new ones that I really loved! I can’t wait for my girls to get into the Babysitters Club graphic novels – they are going to adore them! I am already waiting for the rest of the series to arrive in my house!


In the end, I did SO MUCH BETTER than I thought. I didn’t realise quite how many books I’d managed to read (I think graphic novels are to thank tbh!)

52 KIDS BOOKS: 135/52

Massive thank you again to the publishers who sent me books over the past year. You guys are wonderful! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with publishers, authors, publicists alike to shout about amazing books over the past year!

I would LOVE some more recommendations for graphic novels too – particularly those for age range of like 8-12! Speak to me! Remember to stay safe everyone: wear a mask!

S x

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