Best of 2020: YA edition

Morning everyone!

Yesterday, I posted my MG faves of 2020, so I figured it was only fair to give my other bookish love, YA, the same space on my blog.

I didn’t read as much YA as MG last year, but when looking through my YA, I found it much harder to whittle it down to only 15 because there were so many definite favourites. I think I spent more time deliberating my favourite YA books than I did my favourite MG books… which I think tells you how much I ADORED the fewer YA books I actually read!

Here we go…

My favourite 15 YA books of 2020

Interestingly, my YA faves are a lot more genre-diverse. There’s a lot more non-fantasy books in here, and it’s so lovely. You’ve got some fantasy, some contemporary (in fact a lot of contemporary) and so much more. These books are so full of everything I love: friendship, diverse characters, humour, serious issues and a lot of twists and turns. A few of these books have been on my ‘faves’ list since I read them, and a few of them surprised me by being on the list.

S x

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