My fave MG books of 2020

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all well and are having a productive reading year so far (she says 5 days into a new year, ha!).

I’m coming to you today to talk about my favourite MG books of 2020. I read A LOT of MG books in 2020 (including an AWFUL LOT of graphic novels), but this post is going to be exclusively novels (my fave YA books and my fave graphic novels are coming later this week).

Obviously, I am one voice in a sea of voices! Just because a book didn’t make it onto my faves list doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazing. I have deliberated over this list 500232752 times and it has definitely changed a few times!

Okay I’ll stop stalling…

My top 15 MG books of 2020

I very definitely have a TYPE of book I love. If it’s magical, if it’s fantasy, if it’s got strong friendships, I’m there. I love a book that makes me feel like I’m part of the team. I love a book with a message. I love a book reminds me of the joy of reading and the joy of imagination. Each one of these books has been one that I’ve thought about time after time. Some of these I read back in January and I am STILL thinking about them now. They’re books I’ve read to my class; they’re books I’ve bought for people and they’re books that I need everyone to be reading.

You can find reviews for all of these books by clicking on my 2020 Reviews at the top of the screen. It’s been an absolute honour reviewing and reading these books.

S x

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