20 wins for 2020

Let’s be honest… 2020 sucked. Like almost entirely sucked. However, I feel like I can’t leave 2020 as ‘the shittiest year ever’ without looking for some wins. So here are my 20 personal wins for 2020.

  1. Books
    We all know that books were going to be my biggest win of 2020. This wouldn’t be me if books weren’t.
  2. Running
    Yep. I’m still running. I still love it. It’s still hard. 2020 was the year I discovered I COULD run and that I wasn’t too fat/unfit to do it. I am so glad I started because I love it.
  3. Medals
    I needed something to keep me motivated, and each month I took part in the Great Run monthly accumulators (and other challenges) and I collected a wonderful array of medals last year.
  4. Relishing the time I have with the people I love
    I might not have got to spend a lot of time with the people I love, but the time I did get to see them (either purposeful or accidental) was lush. There’s nothing quite like being mid-run and hearing ‘AUNTIE SPOTTTTTTTTTT’ after not seeing your god children for months.
  5. The sense of community
    The world really rallied together a lot this year, and I hope that kindness carries on.
  6. Becoming a Year 6 teacher
    I forget that I’ve literally only done this for a year now. I became a Year 6 teacher in January 2020… then the world fell apart!
  7. Making lots of lovely connections online
    Online friendships have kept me sane a lot. I’ve made loads of new friends and got to know some people I really admire this past year and I’m so incredibly grateful for it.
  8. That lovely time in June/July where we had tiny bubbles of children
    I thought ‘bubble’ time in June/July was lovely. It was stressful, but I felt safe and I got to still do my job. I was lead teacher for 3 Y6 bubbles and I really liked my taste of leadership.
  9. My Maths calendars
    A thing I started for myself became a thing that MATs and networks of schools are embracing and loving. Unreal.
  10. Discovering graphic novels
    I was never sceptical of them… but I didn’t think they were for me, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.
  11. Colouring in
    This is an every-year-win for me.
  12. Pyjamas
    You can’t tell me you didn’t spend most of this year in pyjamas. I love pyjamas.
  13. Time spent on the quayside
    I’m a total water baby, and it makes me really sad that I can’t go to the beach more often. Any chance I get to go down to the quayside and be by the river makes me so happy. I love living in Newcastle.
  14. Sharing books with my class
    My kids have totally embraced reading this year and I’ve absolutely loved sharing books with them and they are sharing books back with me.
  15. Getting away for a weekend at the Manor
    I was really lucky to get to go away for a weekend in the Summer and my brain SO SO needed it. It was the best few days of running, drinking and just relaxing.
  16. My bloody wonderful colleagues
    I wouldn’t have got through this year without my colleagues. They let me rant, cry, shout, blather on and listen to me without question. 2020 was a really bloody hard year and I couldn’t have done it without them.
  17. Draw with Rob
    Who didn’t love a Draw with Rob? I have a little gallery on my bedroom wall of the different Rob videos I joined in with!
  18. New gym clothes/trainers
    A stupid one I’m sure, but my gosh, there’s something so lovely about new trainers and new gym stuff. My Newcastle running trousers are my favourites!
  19. Lovely texts/letters from friends/family
    My friends and family have been the truest good thing in my life over the past year. Whether it was little texts checking in, videos of my gorgeous godchildren or just silly little texts, knowing someone was there for me meant the world.
  20. Learning Spanish
    Something I started in Lockdown Part 1 and it kept my brain chugging along quite nicely throughout the year.

Yes, this past year absolutely sucked… but it’s important to find some good!

I’d love to know what your #20winsof2020 were! You might have way more, or way fewer, but I’d love to know what your wins were!

Speak to you all soon,

S x

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