November in books

Good morning everyone!

Sorry for being MIA last week… I’ll be honest, I just didn’t have the mojo to do any blogging last weekend, so none happened! I’m feeling a bit more in the headspace of blogging today, so you should get a few posts this week… I am still here, I’m just a bit quieter than normal (it’s a trend when I look through my blogging stats… poor November and December suffer the most!).

You’re here to check out how my reading was in November, and let me tell you… it was NOT productive! I thought I’d been struggling for months with reading, but November was a true struggle. I just didn’t WANT to pick up books, so I just didn’t. December is following hot in its heels as I’m yet to finish a book (I have however just received the second Strangeworlds Travel Agency, so that may change!).

What can I say? 2020 has been a brutal year! Pair 2020 with my seasonal depression and some SEVERE anxiety of late, I’ve just not been in the mood for ANYTHING.

But, I did manage to read 2 books…

so there’s at least SOMETHING to report to you!

I loved both of these. They’re both gripping and totally brilliant. Very different vibes from them, but both equally worth a read. My class are currently loving and devouring Brand New Boy (we love that it is very Geordie! Thank you David Almond!) and Long Way Down isn’t primary suitable imo, so it’s gone in my cherished books drawer for safe keeping!


For all that I’ve not read many books in this Winter period, I am still counting as this year is not over yet! Thank the lord for half terms and a long Summer holiday when lots of reading happened!

52 KIDS BOOKS: 116/52

Massive thank you again to the publishers (Walker and Faber Children’s). You guys are wonderful! If it weren’t for you sending these books, who knows if I’d have had any books to talk about!

Did you have a struggle month like me?
What was your favourite book you read in November?
What are you hoping to aim for December?

I would LOVE some more recommendations for graphic novels too – particularly those for age range of like 8-12! Speak to me! Remember to stay safe everyone: wear a mask!

S x

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