S4S – Red and white books

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you are all well.

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA from #SixforSunday for the past few weeks… my blogging mojo has just gone out of the window of late. I’m hoping I’ve managed to rope it back into submission, but I shan’t hold my breath! Reading all of your posts over the past 2 weeks has been lovely, so thank you massively for still joining in and being part of this!

The new prompts for 2021 #SixforSunday will go live in the next few weeks. I’ve just got a few weeks to finalise, then I’ll share them with you all!

Today’s prompt is:

Red and white books

As a die-hard Newcastle fan, anything red and white is NOT permitted in my life (ha), but something I have come to realise is that I don’t read a lot of red books… or maybe red isn’t a popular colour for book covers?!

These are all books I’ve read this year and I had to go way back to January to find 6 books that are red! I hope everyone else had as much struggle as I did!

Reminder of the December prompts:

December – Festive goodness
6th – Red and white books
13th – Books you’d like to celebrate the holidays in
20th – Books you want to buy as presents
27th – Characters you’d spend New Years with

See you next week!

S x

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