All I want for Christmas is… books!

Last year, I put together a post filled with recommendations for books for my class (as some of the parents had been asking), so I decided to do this again this year!

I’m a Year 6 teacher and reading like 9-11 books is absolutely my jam. This doesn’t mean I don’t love books for younger kids (because if I think about it, my picture book collection is much much bigger than my MG collection), but because that’s the age range of my class, that’s definitely what I read the most.

These aren’t my favourite books of the year necessarily (although they absolutely are featured; more on that in the coming weeks), but they’re books that I think kids will love and are well worth buying for Christmas presents! I’m going to do graphic novels and MG novels in this post and then I’ll do a younger MG and picture books next week!

Lots of these are book 1s in series, or even standalones, but please go out and support these books, these authors and the book industry! If you can, support indies or your local book shop.

These are some of my favourite fantasy books that I’ve read this year. I am a massive reader of fantasy books (kids fantasy books in particular bring me a lot of joy… I love a bit of magic!) and these have all gone down an absolute storm in my classroom.

(I technically read Strangeworlds last year, but it came out this year and LD Lapinski deserves all of our love so please go support them!)

This is just a random assortment of contemporary, scary, sci-fi and historical books that I think everyone should read, own, love and share! I think a massive shout out needs to go to Barrington Stoke for everything they do for reluctant readers and dyslexic readers! Another publisher I want everyone to support this festive season is Knights Of. They’re changing the game and we need to get behind them!

Graphic novels have been a complete and utter hit with my class (and me) this year. I’ve loved exploring a new type of book this year. These ones are definitely our favourites (Raina Telgemeier in particular is going down a total storm with my girls!) and my kids are constantly asking if I have MORE of these books by these authors.

And there we go! Just a very quick, whistlestop tour of some of my recommended buys for this festive season. I’ve already purchased some of these for some of the little bookworms in my life and I’d love to hear if you decide to buy any! Let me know in the comments!

S x

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