S4S – Children’s books I’d love to jump into

Good afternoon everyone!

How are you all doing?

It’s Sunday once again! And what a week it’s been… (the less said about this week the better ha!) I hope you are all staying safe and looking after yourselves!

It’s Sunday which means it’s another #SixforSunday post coming your way! I am really enjoying this month of celebrating kids books – I hope you are too. I’ve loved seeing all of your posts! You are all heroes in my eyes.

For today’s #SixforSunday prompt, we are thinking about

Children’s books I’d love to jump into

I’ll be honest… there’s 100s ha! And there’s a bit of a theme with all of the books (which I don’t think will come as a surprise to anyone…)

Bonus points to anyone who notices what the common thread is between these books (if you know anything about me, you won’t need to think too hard hah!). I think all of these worlds would be wonderful to jump into (despite the definite perils that come with each of them!)

I’d love to know which fictional worlds you’d jump in to! Remember to share your posts using #SixforSunday so I can track them down! Thank you for stopping by!

See you next week for Children’s books you’d love to read!

S x

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