Happy things…

I used to regularly do happy things posts, but 2020 happened and I stopped reflecting on the things that make me smile and keep me going. (I’ve just looked and the last time I did one of these posts was in May… so yeah, a WHILE!)

Today then, I am bringing back the happy post!

Here goes; some things that have kept me smiling/made me smile over the past few weeks…

Sending videos to my friends. Getting photos of my god children. Watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Running. A lot of running. Being in school. Learning. Teaching. Watching my kids socialise and show the most resilience I’ve ever seen. Lovely messages from parents. Lovely messages from my bosses. Maltesers. Jellies. Laughing with my kids. Texting my friends. Talking to my mam. A hot shower after a long run. Doing my weekly planner every week. Washi tape. Laughing at videos on instagram. Pictures of cats. Friends sending me memes. Tagging my friends in memes. Watching Disney movies. Colouring in. Listening to Little Mix. Reading. Sharing books with my kids. Sending surprise gifts. Twitter friends. Messages with people who you admire. Reading sequels. Getting surprise book post. Having lovely feedback from my students. Having friends who let me rant and cry when I need to. Running more. Being in school. Finding a new books to fall in love with!

I’ll be honest, this week has been the biggest struggle. I’ve been going through A LOT, but I’m finding positives and trying to stay rational (because let’s be honest… it’s so much easier to let the irrational brain spiral).

I’d love you to share the positive things and the things that have make you smile over the past few weeks!

S x

4 thoughts on “Happy things…

  1. Becky Lewis says:

    My family has been a big one, my father-in-law had a major surgery and is slowly recovering everyday is better than the one before. Also sweater weather!! Hope this week is better for you!


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