Non-fiction November #1 – Shark Super Powers!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all well!

Today kicks off a month long celebration of non-fiction on my blog. Every week, I’ll post about some new and exciting non-fiction books! I promote a lot of fiction around here, so to give space for the incredibly diverse range of non-fiction that is available for kids is so so important to me.

National Non-Fiction November is an annual celebration of non-fiction for children and young people organized by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups. You can visit their website for more information, ideas and resources

As part of this celebratory month, I’m part of a big blog tour celebrating some brilliant non-fiction books; check out my review below!


Shark Super Powers: jam-packed with facts!

“We all know about the Great White, but did you know about the shark that can glow in the dark? Or the one that can trump to lose buoyancy? Full of photographs, scientific diagrams and illustrations, Shark Super Powers is the perfect guide for any shark fanatic. Dive right in with marine biologists Jillian and Duncan as they take you into the depths of the ocean. There you’ll discover all sorts of weird and wonderful sharks you perhaps didn’t know existed. Learn all about these amazing creatures and their extraordinary super powers.”

This brilliant non-fiction book is filled with fascinating facts and brightly coloured, illustrated pages that will be sure to appeal to kids! Having read through this, it’s clear that this would be the perfect book for Years 3/4 (but there’s no reason it couldn’t be used for older year groups) who are studying sharks (or even just for kids who are interested in sharks!)

As I read through, I learned so much (and let me tell you, sharks are not something I know a lot about!!). Each page introduces the reader to a new type of shark and you’re given some brilliant chunks of information about that shark type. From the ‘fast facts’ to the ‘shark super power’, there’s loads to learn about these sharks to help children understand these incredible creatures. There’s gorgeous scientific vocabulary used in this book, which as a teacher is always an absolute winner!

Each page is beautifully illustrated and I love the use of photographs alongside the pictures! They’re so brightly and brilliantly illustrated in a clear and inviting way that this is definitely a book that children will want to pick up and learn lots about sharks from. I love the mix of different scientists under the water with the sharks telling children all about them – I don’t think you’d find me diving with sharks though!

As a teacher, I think this book is great. It is easy to read, brilliantly illustrated and gives out some spot on information to children in a way which is entertaining (without being comic) and informative. Primary schools up and down the land would find this a brilliant addition to their classroom libraries!


A massive thank you to FCB for inviting me to be part of this blog tour and to UCLAN for sending me a copy of the book! It’s been going round our Year 3 children for a few weeks now and they absolutely love it (it may have started a bit of an underwater revolution in there!)

S x

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