BLOG TOUR: Rebecca Zahabi

Game Weavers: a brilliant cast of characters and an intriguing story!

We are in a darker Britain and the national sport is not football but Twine, a game where weavers craft creatures from their fingertips to wage battle against others in vast arenas, watched by thousands. But we are living in intolerant times and Seo harbours a secret. When he is outed as gay by the media, Seo cannot use his magic to save him. With the help of his brother Minjun and Jack, the man he can’t quite decide if he loves or not, Seo has to fight to get his life back on track whilst facing the biggest match of his career.

I was very kindly sent a review copy of this book from the publishers. From the blurb alone, I was VERY INTRIGUED indeed. Anything with a bit of magic and a secret, I am here for!

Game Weavers tells the story of a darker, more brutal Britain. This society is one filled with people who are obsessed with Twine. Twine is a game in which weavers can create creatures from light in their fingertips. These creatures are then used in battles for everyone to see (How very gladiator!). There’s a lot of magic in this world, but the people of this society are not accepting and not welcoming to those who can weave.

This is where we meet Seo. A youth champion at Twine. Something is revealed by the media about Seo’s identity which makes his fans turn against him. When it’s revealed that Seo is gay (I know SHOCKING. How dare someone be gay!), his perception of the world and the people in it is flipped on its head. He realises that not everyone is kind and that people can sometimes flip from your best friend to your worst enemy in a jiffy. He goes through a lot of struggles through the story: trying to find his way, trying to accept who he is and learn about the world’s non-acceptance of him, ALL WHILE preparing for the biggest match of his career.

This book is set in the not-so-distant future, with a lot of this world that you will recognise in the story (but of course, we aren’t quite magic yet!). The world is brilliantly written and you’ll find yourself immersed in it quickly.

This story will pull at your heart-strings and really make you think. There’s a lot of issues woven into this and it’ll give you something to think about! The cast of characters in this book is diverse and there’ll be someone who everyone feels a connection with. This story is brilliantly told through three different perspectives and I really liked that – I think multiple perspective books can be so well done, or can be tragically done… and this one is definitely the former!

A massive thank you to the publishers for sending me a review copy of this book. I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this and fall for the characters and their relationships!

Check out the rest of the blog tour out – you’re in for some treats!

S x

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