September in books

Hi guys!

Happy October. I had a very strange month in September… it felt like it was dragging, but once it was over, I was like BUT WHERE DID IT GO THANKS? Like, in the moments, it was rough, but once the days at work were over, I was like WHERE DID TODAY GO? I ACHIEVED NOTHING.

(In reality, I achieved a lot… just being back at work and functioning as a human is a massive step in the direction of productivity, so I should be kinder to myself for sure!)

Being back at school definitely impacted my reading habits. I didn’t have the brain power to read as widely and as often as I wanted to. I know going back to school is exhausting, but this year has felt EXTRA exhausting. Has it been? or have I just forgotten how tiring it actually is being back in school? Who knows! haha!

I say that… and now that I’ve COUNTED how many books I’ve read I am IMPRESSED.

In September, I read 20 books.

Now a MASSIVE chunk of them are graphic novels that I’ve bought second hand to go to my kids. I like to read the books I get before I put them in my classroom – just so I know they’re appropriate and so I know what the kids are reading. Plus, it means I can actually recommend books to kids I know who will enjoy them! Graphic novels have been a MASSIVE hit with my kids. They’re definitely racing through the ones I’ve bought so far with absolute vigour and we’re running out of graphic novels haha! We’re now working on getting a balanced diet of graphic novels and novels.

This is the first month this year that I’ve not picked up a YA novel. That’s not to say I don’t have any to read… my brain’s just not been in the MOOD to read them. Kids books are a lot more escapist for me. (Don’t worry, I still love YA books!)

Let’s start with the graphic novels…

I read a whole host of graphic novels in September. I tried to buy (and all but 2 of these are bought second hand) a range of them to fit the needs of a wide range of kids. So far, it’s worked. Also, so far, the kids have really impressed me with the graphic novels they’ll try. I find that they’re not as choosy as when they read novels sometimes. These are going down a storm. I’d say that, of these ones, Mr Wolf’s Class and Act are going down the best… with The Lost Boy and Glitch a close second! For those who might be interested, I get my second hand graphic novels from Abe Books.

I was sent a copy of Mason Mooney and Gamayun Tales I from the publishers and the children who have read them really love them! I’ve read them both and I adored them. I can’t wait for more from those books, so thank you so much Flying Eye books for those!

MG novels…

I’ve not read as many kids novels as I do usually… however 6 is still a pretty respectable amount of kids novels to read in a month! I read Zombierella msyelf and then I used it as the first class novel of the year, and the kids absolutely adored it! (We’re reading My Life As A Cat by Carlie Sorosiak if you’re interested). I am so sad that Lu is finally released because it means a goodbye to that series which I have absolutely adored! I really enjoyed both The Beast and the Bethany and Malice in Underland – they’re the perfect books for Halloween… I seem to have had a very halloween-esque reading month without really realising it (or doing it on purpose!)

Other books…

OF COURSE I READ THIS BOOK THE DAY IT LANDED IN MY HOUSE. I read it the day it arrived within the space of a few hours. I am a proper diehard Ant and Dec fan and I won’t have a bad word said about them.


My reading targets have been smashed, but I like being able to log them, so I will continue. No, I’ve not changed my target haha (nor do I think I will!)

52 KIDS BOOKS: 105/52

Massive thank you again to the publishers who sent me books. You guys are blooming magnificent!

Did you have a productive month of reading?
What’s on your October TBR?
What has been your favourite read this year?

Speak to me! Remember to stay safe everyone: wear a mask!

S x

2 thoughts on “September in books

  1. CharlotteSomewhere says:

    I love that you read books so you can recommend them to your kids. You’re the best kind of teacher.

    I think this year has been extra exhausting for everything and back to school especially.

    S is currently reading Ghost and will be working his way through that series on your recommendation

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