FREE DAY: September Maths calendars

Hello everyone!

I’m sharing 2 posts today because I’m so pleased to get this resource out to everyone! During lockdown (and subsequent back to school time), I shared a load of different resources based on a question/prompt/challenge a day and you guys loved them! I posted the PE calendar for September last week (you’ll find it here: Active September) and today I’ve finished dusting off the Maths versions.

Just like the last ones, there’s 3 different versions. There’s a Year 2/Year 3 version, a Year 3-5 version and then a Year 5-6 version. I leave these as VERY LOOSE descriptors because where your kids are may be TOTALLY different to where someone else’s kids are. I’d say the Y5/6 version is very definitely Year 5/6 (could even be used as Y7 transition who knows!) so just make sure you check out all of the questions before you just hand it out.

I’ve not labelled them on purpose because you may give different children in your class different versions – I know I will be.

Year 2/3 (ish) level

Lower KS2 (ish) level

Upper KS2 (ish) level

I hope these are still useful when you’re all back to school! Sorry that I didn’t have them ready last week for people who were back to work then! Feel free to download and share on your school websites/with parents/with classes/with teachers! If you do decide to download let me know – I’d love to hear from you/see what you do with them! Please don’t claim them as your own though! I don’t really wanna see my hard work on TES or similar!

S x

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