August in books

Good morning everyone!

So we have found the end of August… it is now September! The month of back to school, Autumn feels and the dark nights coming back (I HATE the dark nights…)

Today, I’m here to share with you the books that I read in August! I had a RIDICULOUSLY productive month in August… thank you Summer holidays and finding a love for kids graphic novels to share with my class! I thought July was a productive month with 20 books… but August was A JOY. (As I write this, there’s still 2 days of August left, so the number below MAY be slightly inaccurate by 1 or 2 books!)


As July was my most productive month of reading with 20 books, this month kicks its ass.

I’m going to split it into graphic novels and novels just to share things a bit different!

First, kids graphic novels

For someone who had never read a kids graphic novel before, they’ve become a bit of an obsession haha! All of these, except the graphic novel version of The Witches (which was sent to me by the publishers!) were bought second hand online and most of them are in perfect condition. I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed my first foray into graphic novels. I have reviewed some of these already and there are more reviews to come too! Check them out here!

Stand out reads: The Witches, Cardboard Kingdom and Ghosts

I’d love your recommendations for 9-11 year olds in particular!

Now, MG novels

I had an EPIC month of reading kids books – 18 kids novels and my word, there’s some UTTER winners here! I was lucky enough to be sent most of these from publishers/read them on Netgalley and they just enriched my reading month so much. There’s some utter stand outs here and there’s something for everyone! There’s books in here that are for beginner readers and for more advanced readers and I just know my class library and my school library is so lucky to have these books. I will get round to reviewing all of these in time: watch this space!

Stand out reads: Moonchild, Ship of Shadows, My Life as a Cat and The House of Clouds.

Finally, YA reading

I didn’t read half as many YA books as I did kids, however, the ones I did read are EXCELLENT. I have a lot to say about these books and I can’t wait to review them! There’s a whole lot of love for a these books in my life and I definitely would recommend them (the one in the middle is a graphic novel and I don’t know if it’s technically a YA book… but y’know!!).

Stand out reads: Harley in the Sky and Every Little Piece of My Heart


My reading targets have been smashed, but I like being able to log them, so I will continue. No, I’ve not changed my target haha (nor do I think I will!)

52 KIDS BOOKS: 86/52

Massive thank you again to the publishers who sent me books/approved me for books on Netgalley this past month. You guys are blooming magnificent!

Did you have a productive month of reading?
What’s on your September TBR?
What has been your favourite read this year?

Speak to me! Remember to stay safe everyone: wear a mask!

S x

One thought on “August in books

  1. notesbyj says:

    Wow such a great month! Some of those YA Books like great. My lesbian experience with loneliness sounds good and I’ve also added Harley in the Sky to my TBR list

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