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So we’re in May. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I’m not entirely sure myself, but here we are! I was mooching through my Goodreads last night and I thought ‘You know what I wanna do? I wanna shout about the books that I loved THE MOST this year so far’.

So today, since we’re a third of the way through the year already I thought I would share the books I’ve given 5* so far this year. I’ll do this again in August and then in December if you guys are interested! I’ll do them in the order I read them (from January to now…) and share my Goodreads review.

(Side note: I have very conflicting emotions about star ratings. Too complex for me to put into words right now BUT since I have to star rate things on Goodreads, I figured I would share them with you all). 

Let’s go…

5* reads from January

44414438. sy475

“This is a whole host of fun! The power of play, imagination and fun mixed in with evil scarecrows, suing relationships and magic. I properly devoured this today. I can’t wait for book 2 now. Such wonderful illustrations too which add so much to the story.”

49251646. sy475

(I am DESPERATE for more books from this world. This is one of my favourite books of the year so far!)

“What a complete victory this book is. It’s magic and friendship; dark and light; good and evil. It’s believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with goodness. It’s dark stories of murder and magic. It’s beautiful Venice and not judging by appearances. BLOODY YES. I absolutely adored Rodolfo – he’s my fave. I would LOVE to know more about him!”

46026275. sy475

“HOLY MOLY AND ALL THAT. This was INTENSE. I swore a lot at it. I have a lot of feelings. I love Grey than I thought it was humanly possible to. I NEED BOOK 3. There’s so much I loved about this book: characters, decisions, evilness, ruthlessness, cleverness. Man. Just brilliant. So so brilliant.”

50403624. sy475

(This is another book I am ABSOLUTELY desperate to read the next one of. The final book in this series is out later this year and I NEED IT. Knights Of, if you’re reading this… you know what to do!)

“I love this series so much and getting to know these kids makes me so happy. This deals so gently with grief and how adults deal with it in the background, and in the foreground you’ve got brilliant Sunny who is weird and wonderful and great. He’s a runner, a dancer, a worrier. He’s surrounded by these amazing people and I’m so glad.”

51828348. sx318 sy475

(You were waiting to find this, I know you were… IT’S BRILLIANT OKAY?)

“JUST WHAT. This book was everything I wanted and hoped for from Mel: incredible characters, a spooky setting, wonderful writing and scary. I just went though every emotion… mainly being SCARED. This is a wonderfully atmospheric story set in the wilds of Scotland with an incredible main character and her murderer dad. There’s so much appearances can be deceiving moments here and I was here for all of them. Yes, I cried. I love Ren with all that I am!”

50068577. sx318 sy475

(Laura Steven is yet to write a book I don’t absolutely adore)

“This is proper triumph: funny, meaningful, clever. I’ve proper cackled, cried and learned things. I wanna hug this book and it’s characters: they’re just incredible. A massive shout out to the dads – they’re the best. There is SO MUCH OF ME in Caro that this hit close to home at times. Reading some of this was like reading my own thoughts. This books just brilliant. It’s funny, it’s full of love in all its guises.”

5* reads from February

52811104. sx318 sy475

“Blooming magnificent. A book, like all of Abi’s others, filled with adventure and heart. You can’t read one of her books and not be swept away with the lives of her characters, the depth and richness of her worlds and the brilliance of her baddies. I loved the twins and the journey they go on: kindness really is the bravest thing in the world. As much as Morg terrifies me, it was great to be back with her dastardly ways. And Heckle is a brilliant character (with a perfect name!) bloody bravo Abi Elphinstone!!”

50633478. sy475

“This book is all kinds of magnificent. It’s heartbreaking and tough and hard to read. It’s revelations and secrets. It’s love in so many forms. It’s doing what’s right for you even when you know it’s going to hurt the people you love. It’s hard hitting and raw at times. I love how intertwined the 3 characters are and how their stories unfolded. The 3 perspectives worked so well. The epilogue made my heart so happy. Massive shout out to the scene between Ram and the policeman: it broke my heart. Bloody bravo!”

52741311. sx318 sy475

“This book is honest and raw and interesting. It’s different and it’s curious. It made me think and it made me feel. I love Flora and Hal’s story so much. There’s so much goodness in their lives and they’re surrounded by questions. I see a bit of myself in Flora. I loved Charlie and Felix so much. Just a brilliant story that made me shocked, made me cry and made me fall a little bit in love. History and the present well and truly overlapping.”

51610439. sy475

“Well… this was a BEAUTIFUL story filled with love, hope, grief and friendship. I absolutely adored Blue Wing and Mabel’s stories: how they went from being cold to each other to bonded. How important the sea is. How important kindness is. This is a magical story. I just loved it.”

51203579. sy475

(This was an absolute delight of a book and I want to be Peyton’s friend so hard)

“Sara Barnard keeps writing story after story that are just kick you in face good. I adored Peyton’s story and her adventure. We’ve all been there: lost and looking for ourselves. People are going to get a lot from this and it’s a gorgeous story. I loved that this book was a celebration of friendships without hiding away from the fact that friendships aren’t always great and that some of them totally suck. Now who do I speak to about my Canadian road trip?”

5* reads from March

52519687. sx318 sy475

“I love this series. This is my fave of them all. Highlighting the importance of looking after the sea and our planet alongside meeting mermaids and a cereal box competition. A wonderful mix!”

5* reads from April

45553511. sy475

(Anyone who’s followed my blog for the past few weeks will not be surprised to see this book here. HERE. I NEED THE 3RD BOOK PLEASE NOW)

“WELL. I am broken. This book has taken everything from me. It’s dangerous and wild; secrets and lies; deception and betrayal. It’s twists and turns and majesticness. It’s all the fun of Viper but with a heightened level of peril. It’s magic and love and loss. I went through EVERY emotion here and I swore (a lot). What an absolute ride. I loved being back in this world. It was everything I wanted and so much more.”

49109726. sy475


“This is just BRILLIANT. It made me laugh and cry. It’s full of fun and expression. It’s learning from others and being yourself. It’s romance and heartbreak. It’s lies and friendship. It’s Drag Race and queer. It’s just bloody brilliant. Team Seth all the way. Sometimes everything’s gotta fall apart for it to come back together. I really loved Robin and his crew. I thought his mam was great too.”

51960168. sy475

(This is BRILLIANT and I am DESPERATE for the sequel man)

“WELL I BLOODY WHAT. That was incredible. THAT ENDING. I am going to need the next book soon thanks. This is full of adventure, dragons, friendship and awe! I loved getting to know the kids and the dragons. This whole thing was exciting and I didn’t want it to end! ‬I would love to see what my dragon looks like!”

Phew! There’s 15 books so far this year… I think that shows that 2020 is a BRILLIANT year for books. Some of these books have had their release dates delayed in light of all of the world goings on, but you should be excited for all of them REGARDLESS OF WHEN they come out! 

How many 5* reads have you read this year?
Have you read any of my 5* reads?
Are there any on my list that surprise you?

I’d love to know your thoughts on my list and I’d love to see/hear about what’s on your list too! Comment or talk to me on twitter! Your book talk makes me so happy! 

S x 



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