What’s keeping you going?


So here we go: week 3 of lockdown. As I write this, we haven’t had any updates on how long lockdown will be lasting, but I don’t see it being over any time soon, and I certainly don’t think my life will be going back to normal any time soon. I have days when I’m OK with that and I have days when that overwhelms the heck out of me, so yeah. I’m very up and down at the minute. 

Like most people up and down the country, I think it’s the uncertainty of not knowing that’s causing the most anxiety. I hate generalising, but I know of other people who are having a bit of a trouble with that. I know all of this not knowing isn’t something that I can help at all, nor is it my fault. I was chatting to one of my friends recently (he’s a brilliant egg. I’m glad he’s around to be honest. I don’t think he reads my blog, but if he does, hello, you know who you are!) and I was talking to him about the fact that I think I’m a bit of a “control freak” and he was like ‘no, you’re not. You just like it when things go to plan‘. So yeah, that. I like knowing what the plan is and living it out (although, ideally, I’m the one in control of the plan hahah!)

Anyway, you’re not here to listen to me ramble on about my ups and downs (although, if you’re struggling and want someone to talk to, please know that I am always here – DM me on twitter, or email me, or if we’re actual real life friends just text me!). I thought rather than my post just purely being a struggles post, I thought today’s post could be me sharing the ways in which I’m keeping myself plodding on in these crazy times, and hopefully some of you will share the things you’re doing to occupy your time or to keep yourself smiling! (This is a bit like one of my happy posts… but with a bit more rambling to be honest!)

What’s been keeping me going?

Listening and watching: 

Finding The Hills and Sister Sister on the TV. Watching lots of CSI and Bones repeats. Disney Plus. So much Disney Plus – massive shout out to Encore, a wonderfully uplifting TV show about groups of people who get together years after they’ve put on performances as teens and put it on again as adults (I have not sold it well, but trust me, it’s got me through some really bloody patchy nights!). SimplyPodLogical and SimplyNailogical videos. Miranda Sings (who I have just recently in the past few months found an absolute love for). The Ballinger family. Safiya Nygaard. Headspace (an absolute godsend let me tell you). Sarah Millican reading her autobiography (it’s like hearing your best friend talk to you). Shagged, Married, Annoyed (Rosie and Chris Ramsey’s podcast that if you’ve not listened to yet, you need to). Drag Race on a Saturday morning. 

(No, I haven’t yet caved and watched Tiger King ha!)

Doing and being creative:

Drawing (I’ve taken to drawing over the past few weeks. Nothing too fancy, but illustrator tutorials on Youtube have entertained my brain for 10 minutes a time and I’ve got quite a collection building up). Colouring in. Reading (obviously). Writing (I’m not a BIG writer but I’ve been doing little bits here and there of writing and I’ve absolutely loved it). Reading takes up a lot of my time to be honest. Blogging for me. Blogging for school. Creating moodboards. Writing reviews. Tinkering away at things on my blog (I don’t have time to do these things normally… but it’s quite nice!). #SixforSunday chats (you have no idea how long I’ve been talking about doing a S4S chat… I think it was last year I floated the idea with my 2 best friends and this time to breathe has allowed my head to make it happen and now that it’s started, I’m all about it!) 

Snack-o time:

Cups of tea (so many bloody cups of tea). Outdoor cups of tea. Indoor cups of tea. Cups of tea with my neighbour (on our respective sides of the fence). Sing alongs with next door neighbour’s little girl as I have my tea (again, on our correct sides of the fence). Making myself avocado on toast (because I miss the Teahouse A LOT). Having tea time with mam when she comes in from work (she’s my hero)

(I haven’t caved and baked banana bread yet, but that is happening this week haha!)

The outside world:

Going for my government mandated walk. Exploring around where I live. Watching the world go by as I have a breather. Walking further than I ever thought I could. Knowing that I can leave the house (because if I HAD to stay indoors all the time that would be soul destroying for me. I know there are some people who have to and I know that I couldn’t cope). Looking at the moon. Seeing my neighbours camping out in their back garden. 

The people I love:

Blog comments from my kids (I knew I’d miss them, but when they comment on our class blog it reminds me just how much…). Quiz time with my twiglets. Getting pictures from my cousins. Zoom calls with my cousins. Texts from my friends. Spending time with my mam. Sending my brother funny messages. Work gang group chats. Memes a plenty. Happy family news. Group chats (they are, I swear to you, wonderful things when you need someone). Sending funny pictures to friends. Having the best pal-o in the world. Easter parcels. Sending out book parcels. Having time to myself (as much as there’s TOO MUCH of it at the minute, there’s bits that I absolutely relish)

Last week I had a VERY TOUGH week so I am hoping that this week is going to be more positive. There’s a lot of people and things to keep me going. 

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment and tell me the things that have kept you going over the past few weeks, or what you do when you’re struggling a bit. 

Remember I’m always here to listen, send virtual hugs and friendship if you ever need it!

Stay safe and look after each other,

S xx

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