S4S – Bookish habits


How are you all? How are you all enjoying #SixforSunday this month? I hope you’re all having as fun as me! 

I’m here to share my post for today’s prompt:

Bookish habits I have

Now, as the person who came up with these prompts, you’d think I know what I meant by this… but I’m not sure I do, ha! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for your posts for today. I bet there’s some really surprising habits going on! Anyway, let’s get on with today’s #SixforSunday

  1. Reading on all of the modes of transport
    I often find myself getting the LONG bus journey home (like I have to go out of my way to get on this bus) so that I can have some reading time. I so rarely want to read when I get in from work, so reading on my way home is my go to!
  2. Listening to music, and not
    This is a strange one… I can listen to music and read at the same time when I’m travelling, but if I’m reading in the house I can’t have ANY noise around me. And I’m not entirely sure what that’s about! 
  3. Buying books with the plan to read them… and then not
    Ha. I’m a serial book buyer. However, I can’t always read as quickly as I can buy… so my TBR piles don’t half pile up sometimes!
  4. Not using a bookmark
    I’m one of those people who will just remember the page I’m up to rather than using a bookmark or anything! I quite often use the press releases sent with the books or nothing. It’s not that I don’t own bookmarks… (trust me I do)
  5. Recommending the same books over and over
    You all know this about me. I recommend the same books over and over. Every now and again I’ll branch out, but I tend to stick to my faves. 
  6. Wanting to buy the sprayed edges/fancy versions of books
    I’m such a sucker for a gorgeous edition of a book that I quite often finding myself lusting after the beautiful versions of books. In fact, when I knew that State of Sorrow was going to be the Fairyloot book, I bought a box because I was not going to miss out on that special edition. I don’t always buy special editions of books because sometimes they are HELLA expensive, but I always always find myself lusting after them! 

Are these habits? Or no? I wanna say no, but I’m not sure what past me was getting at with bookish habits haha! 

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to share your post in the comments and on twitter using the hashtag #SixforSunday! You guys make me so happy!

S x 

8 thoughts on “S4S – Bookish habits

  1. bookishluna says:

    I too am a sucker you a veery beautiful edition of a book. If I know I want to buy a book I always look up different editions first and buy the one I like the most. Also, I feel like my bookmarks are mad at me, I love them, they are beautiful. But, I end up using the first thing I can reach that fits inside a book as a bookmark instead.


  2. Sarah - SWB says:

    Yes to 3, 4 and 6! I have piles of books I bought with the genuine plan to read them within weeks… You are far more likely to find a train ticket marking my spot than a proper bookmark, and I spent more money than I should on the two special editions of the Book Of Dust books even though I’ve not read either of them yet…

    Here’s my Six for Sunday


  3. Alynn98 says:

    I love buying books! I’m trying so hard to get better, but books and food are the 2 things I really spend money on! I totally understand 1 as well- I’m always listening to audiobooks when I’m driving or reading when I’m riding!


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