S4S – 2019 Favourites

Hello everyone! 

How are we all? What’s going on this lovely Sunday? I’m hoping it is a sunny Sunday! Sun makes me so happy! 

You’ve popped along today for #SixforSunday I see? Today I’m sharing:

2019 faves

So… I’m going for a range of 6 books. 6 books I loved a lot in 2019. If you’re interested in my Top 10 YA books or my Top 10 MG books of 2019, please click on those posts! There was a lot of deliberation in those posts. 

So here you have it… my 6 2019 faves!

s4s 2019 faves

I’m not sure these choices will surprise any of you! These 6 books have a very special in my heart for all of the different reasons. I’d love to talk to you if you have chosen/read any of these too! 

Massive massive thank you for coming along! 

Remember if you’re joining in the #SixforSunday fun this year, leave your link in the comments for everyone else to check out and use the hashtag on twitter! Thank you so much to everyone who joined in last week: you all made my heart sing! 

See you next week for: Six books people associate with me!

S x