Where have you been?


For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you might have noticed that I have been a bit absent for this month… I’ll be honest, I was just TIRED. I suffer quite badly from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) in Winter and this year it made me SO uninspired and indifferent to everything that I love doing. The main thing it affected was my will to sit here and talk about books. It was never because I didn’t want to blog any more; it was purely I didn’t have the capacity and the drive to do it. 

There were other factors too: tiredness, teacher life, Christmas, I wanted to not pressurise myself to BE a blogger because then I’d know it was time to stop. 

This is just a little post to say that I’m still here. I’m still reading. I’m still going to be blogging. I still love books. I still want to talk about books. I’ve just been missing for a while. I’ll be back. I promise. I already have blog posts scheduled for the new year! I don’t think I’ll be able to blog as often as I did this past year (6 times per week some weeks) but I’m going to aim for as often as I can

Of course #SixforSunday will be back. The prompts for January, February and March are being posted on Friday for those of you who are interested (hello Charlotte, that’s you mainly) and I’m so bloody chuffed that this is still a thing I do in my world. Look out for that post coming up!

I need your help friends.

I wanna know what you want to see from me. Do you like my full reviews? Do you prefer my round ups? Do you want more school based posts? Do you want to see other things outside of books and school? I love blogging, like I really love blogging. I’ve talked about it enough around these parts, but it’s a great outlet for me and I want it to continue to be something that is enjoyable for me… but also you guys! You people who read my ramblings day after day, month after month. And I am open to suggestions. Is there content you’d like to see from me that I don’t post often? I loved doing mood boards (they’re a bit more work, but they look rgeat) and I’d love to do those on occasion. Do you want me to see if I can feature other bloggers? Authors? Illustrators? I have lots of great ideas that I don’t know if I can pull off! 

What do you think? What do you want to see from me?

Thank you if you’ve stuck by me for the past few months while my posting schedule has been sporadic. Winter, being a teacher and SADs have kicked my ass, but I am still here. Still reading, still shouting about books! 

You’re all magnificent. Speak to you again soon, 

S x 

6 thoughts on “Where have you been?

  1. _tirilu says:

    I feel you. I just realized that my last post was two weeks ago, I still haven’t wrapped up November and I honestly cannot find it in me to care quite enough. I’m tired too. But I think we are allowed to be tired every once in a while. We just need to gather more strengh before we are right back.
    I quite like the roundups btw. I like that you show us how books look on the inside, especially the ones with pictures for younger readers. 🙂


  2. Sarah - SWB says:

    I feel you! So much of December I was getting home and just crawling into bed.

    Can’t wait for the Six for Sunday prompts, I’ve been bugging Charlotte to see if it was still happening next year!


  3. Meeghan reads says:

    Hope you’re feeling ok soon.
    In terms of your posts, I love wrap-ups, lists and recommendations. I read reviews if it’s a book I’ve either read or am interested in reading.
    But you should blog about what you WANT to blog about. Because writing something that makes you happy means that we get quality content, no matter the topic. 💕


  4. Jemma @Fantastic Books says:

    I can totally sympathise! Welcome back though, we’re glad to have you ❤ I can't wait for the new S4S prompts, I love doing them each week ❤


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