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Hello pals!

It’s a Thursday tag day. What a joy. I have a great tag to come to you today. This tag was invented by the Brilliant Layla (Kaz Brekker to those of you who know her) and it’s centred all around Alice Oseman characters. Now, I’m a BIG Alice Oseman fan so I knew I’d have to take this one on! All graphics are from the original post!


Jimmy Kaga-Ricci: A character that overcame something huge


Ooooh. Steffi from A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard. I love her. She has to overcome a BIG thing in her life. I love that she’s so afraid but she manages in the end. I miss Steffi and Rhys.

Rowan Omondi: Favourite protective character


Aw man. Cosmo from I, Cosmo was the first character that came to mind. He just wants to look after his little family and make sure that they are all OK. I love Cosmo and all of you should too. He’s such a good doggo.

Lister Bird: Character that oozes charm


Lol. I can’t answer this question and NOT be predictable. You say the word charming and I think Luvian Fen (Sorrow-verse) and Jin (Rebel-verse). Those two have my proper heart.

Angel Rahimi: Book you’re the most passionate about


Can I say ALL OF THEM? Let’s be honest, there’s a whole chunk of books that I am forever shouting about. Who Let The Gods Out? series, The Sin Eaters Daughter series, The Paper Magician series. But most recently, I want everyone to know that I have an undying passion for No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter and Jemima Small versus the Universe by Tamsin Winter. Those two books need to be read by everyone ever. Please.

Charlie Spring: Favourite bookish OTP


Again, this is a question that I can have 30438 answers to because MAN I LOVE A SHIP. If there’s a ship worth shipping in a book, I probably ship it with all that I am and all that I can be! However, two ships that I will go down with are Amani/Jin (Rebel-verse) and Sorrow/Luvian (Sorrow-verse). Just the best.

Nick Nelson: Favourite book that brings you joy


I love a joyful book. They’re the best. We all know that I love a good cry, but a book that makes my heart happy is one that I am there for. There’s quite a few. If I can cheat and mention two series here… I’m going to go for the Sam Wu series by Katie and Kevin Tsang and the Amelia Fang series by Laura Ellen Anderson. These two series just make me chuckle a lot!

Nellie: Favourite book to snuggle up with


Whenever the phrase “snuggle up with” comes up in a prompt, I imagine snuggling up with my twiglets and reading a story to them, so it’d have to be a picture book and you can’t get any better than The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield. I bloody love the Bear, and David Litchfield is a bloody brilliant illustrator!

Aled Last: A book that helped you through a rough time


It’s gotta be Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. That book is just incredible.

Frances Janvier: A character with tons of determination


She’s in my head because I just recently finished the trilogy and I’m so sad that it’s over, but Violet from the Perfect series is one determined little girl. She saves the place she lives over and over, and she is constantly trying to help her friend Boy.

That was SO FUN. Massive congrats to Layla for coming up with this tag. If you’d like to see her answers, go check out her post (link at the top of this post) and if you’d like to have a go, go for it! I love a tag!

See you tomorrow!

S x


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