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Last week, my lovely friend Amy posted this post on her blog and I absolutely loved it… so having mulled over it for a few days, I decided that I would in fact give it a go! Today I’m recommending some books to Disney princesses based on my knowledge of them! (It will become very evident quickly who I know a lot about and who I just know OF)

Snow White

My prevailing memories of Snow White are she eats the apple, doesn’t have a perfect family and has some trusty friends to help her along in her life. I think I’d recommend ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ by Katherine Webber. I have no real reasons why, except that it is an EXCELLENT story and I feel like Snow White should read it. 


Again, not one I’m MASSIVELY a fan of. Blue dress (?), fairy godmother and a ball that she can’t really go to, but goes to anyway. I think Cinderella is a romantic at heart. She wants her Prince. I’d recommend ‘Simon vs the Homo-Sapiens Agenda’ by Becky Albertalli to Cinders. She needs something to make her smile on those days when her family are just being horrible. 


Genuinely a princess I have to remind myself of in life… she’s Sleeping Beauty. She doesn’t seem (like Cinders and Snow White) all that up on how badass and powerful young women are, so I’d definitely recommend ‘The Exact Opposite of Okay’ by Laura Steven to her. Izzy O’Neill is the perfect potion to wake Aurora from her slumber and realise she don’t need no man to wake her up.


Controversially, I’m not a MASSIVE The Little Mermaid fan. In fact, I’m not even sure that I’ve seen it since I was a child. Maybe it’s time to rewatch it. However, from what I gather about Ariel, she’s a bit of a dreamer. I’d totally recommend ‘My Box Shaped Heart’ by Rachael Lucas. It’s such a subtly, romantic story AND there’s a swimming pool – perfect!


Oh, Belle. I think I could recommend EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD to her and she’d love them. However, Belle reads to escape. She’s got a very certain sense of right and wrong. I think she would ADORE ‘Show Stopper’ byy Hayley Barker just as much as I did. Here we have a completely different world to the one she lives in, with some of the characters she knows well – Gaston is so many of the characters in this book, the Beast is a brilliant Ben. I think she’d love it!


Oh Jasmine, you lovely human with your pet tiger. I mean who has a pet tiger? Apart from Jasmine. She’s brilliant. And has some beautiful clothes. I think if we’re going for something similar-ish to her life, I’d recommend the ‘Rebel of the Sands’ trilogy (I think she’d see a lot of herself in Amani). If we’re going to go down the brilliant badass young woman who is being oppressed by society around her though, I’d recommend ‘The Sin Eater’s Daughter’ trilogy to her. I think she’d love both of these. 


Yet another Disney film I don’t know that I’ve seen? Or I’ve definitely seen it less than enough times for it to make an impact on me? Sorry not sorry. So Pocahontas, as far as I remember/know, is all about the animals and the being at one with the world… I think for Pocahontas I’d recommend ‘The Extinction Trials’ by Susan M Wilson. There’s a fair amount of greenery in that book and who knows… she might be a massive dinosaur fan!


Oh Mulan. You’re so very badass and brilliant. (Mulan is another one I’ve not seen a lot of!) I think Mulan would enjoy a bit of a thriller, something that would make her think and challenge her. I’d recommend ‘White Rabbit, Red Wolf’ by Tom H. Pollock. That book blew my mind. 


Oh Tiana. YES MY LOVE. I really like her. She’s got a brilliant voice too. For some reason, as soon as she popped into my head, ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh Bardugo ALSO popped into my head. You find the connection and I’ll reward you one point. I guess that’s my recommendation!


I bloody love Tangled. And Rapunzel. She’s funny, clever, talented, does ALL of the things. However, she won’t have ever visited a bookshop, so for Rapunzel I’d recommend ‘The Bookshop Girl’ by Chloe Coles. I think Rapunzel would appreciate the humour and the comfiness of a bookshop.


Merida, after Belle, is my favourite Disney princess. She’disney recss just BRILLIANT. I needed to think of an equally brilliant book for Merida. I think she’d love ‘Slay’ by Kim Curran. There’s a lot of badass-ness in this book and it’d be great for her to get lost in. 

Massive thanks and credit to Amy for posting this and inspiring me to do the same! 

What books would you recommend to Disney princesses?
Who is your favourite Disney princess?
How many of these do you agree with?

Let me know, I’d love to know what you think of my opinions!

S x


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