S4S – Favourite bloggers

Morning all! How are we all doing? 

I’ve done my first week back and man alive, I am exhausted… however, I am also just chuffed that I did it! 

Today’s #SixforSunday talks:

Favourite bloggers

Now I realise that my list could literally go on for HOURS on end because I know a whole host of wonderful and brilliant bloggers. This one was HARD. Like proper hard. But let’s go…

It goes without saying that if you don’t already, you should follow all of these blogs, because they’re magnificent.

  1. Kelly @ Kelly’s Rambles
    Whether you’re looking for her incredible bullet journal posts, her brilliant book reviews or just a blog that is so aesthetically pleasing, you’ll find it all here.
  2. Charlotte @ Charlotte Somewhere
    I bloody love Charlotte’s ‘Coffee and…’ series. There’s so much brilliant content on Charlotte’s blog (including letting people choose her TBR!!) that you could be there for hours. Also, massive shout out (sneaky extra blogger on my list…) to her son, S. He’s BRILLIANT. You should definitely check out his Q&A post! 
  3. Rosie @ Rosie Freckle Reads
    I adore Rosie’s Simply Shakespeare series (I need to get round to writing my post, Rosie if you’re reading this, I promise I will!) and her reviews are always lush. 
  4. Andrew @ Pewter Wolf
    Andrew has some amazing discussion posts on his blog which always call for pondering. I also love his reviews – they’re a brilliant length and they actually make sense (unlike mine) and I quite often find myself wanting to get books because of his reviews!
  5. Cora @ Tea Party Princess
    Cora writes brilliant posts and her blog makes me smile every time I look at it. Her photo skills are also lush (I love her instagram… it’s all black and white!)
  6. Grace @ Almost Amazing Grace
    Grace’s blog is for me inspiring. I stole my much beloved ‘happy post’ idea from her blog many months ago. You go on Grace’s blog and there’s such a diverse bevy of blog posts to read from that you could get lost there for hours! 

I know that TECHNICALLY is the end of my list… BUT… I have to add one of my favourite vloggers to this list too… George Lester (if you follow me on twitter, you know I absolutely adore George. I have no shame in this matter!) His videos make me laugh, they make me smile and they’re just such good bloody fun. George is a babe. You should all go subscribe to his channel. It is so worth it. 

As I said, this list could’ve gone on for DAYS, but I’d hate to bore you all! I can’t wait to discover lots of new bloggers because of your #SixforSunday posts! Don’t forget to share on twitter using the hashtag! 

See you all next week for: Blog posts I’ve loved reading!

 S x


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