Oh happy day!

What’s making me smile at the minute?

Seeing my twiglets. Knowing my best friend is coming tomorrow. Bookish events. My friends. Cocktails and fajitos. Little people. Books. Tea. Having an incredibly supportive family. Going to the bingo. Easter holidays. Getting up with the sunshine. Finishing a notebook (IKR?!) Light evenings. Exciting emails. People believing in me. Chocolate. Going for a walk. Good morning texts. More books. Listening to the Sister Act 2 soundtrack. Going in to Starbucks and them knowing my order (ha!). Geordie books. Exciting opportunities. Following my dreams. The sunshine. Train travel. Going to the beach. Snapchat videos from my best friend. PRINCE ALIIIIIIIIIIIII. Cats. Sleep. Watching gymnastics. Seeing my friends succeed. Conversations with friends. More books. Always books. 

2 thoughts on “Oh happy day!

  1. MissMcAnespie says:

    I’m can’t even read your blog without that song in it!!
    You need to add something to that list, YOU! Who you are. All those things wouldn’t be going on if it wasn’t for you. Be proud and happy of who you are and what you have achieved and all the amazing things you are certainly going to conquer in the coming months and years.
    Love you lady xx


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