Taken Moons Candles

This month I have the absolute pleasure of being a rep for my friend Rebecca’s new, amazing candle company! I’m so so very proud of her and she is KILLING the candle game. 


Taken Moons produces the most incredible smelling candles, and they’re all bookish! So far on the shop there have been Harry Potter houses, Cursed Child, Extinction Trials, Cruel Prince and a Fandom inspired candle! Rebecca is so brilliant and will take ideas for other bookish inspirations to make candles. 

Check out the Taken Moons social media too!

Twitter: @TakenMoons
Instagram: @takenmoons

I received my gorgeous (technically Derek’s) rep package the other day, and it made me SO SO happy!

In the package were 2 candles… and man are they GORGEOUS.


The first was Just and Loyal – a Hufflepuff inspired candle. Being a massive Hufflepuff, I knew this was the candle for me. Just and Loyal is a beautiful scent, which smells even better when burning, of honeysuckle and green tea. Perfect for the warmth of the common room and a cup of tea to go with it! If, like me, you’re a Hufflepuff and you’d like to purchase the candle… follow the yellow brick road!

Next up is Two Continents, One Planet – inspired by The Extinction Trials. Just like the rest of the gorgeous candles in the shop, this candle smells lush. It’s inspired by the forests on the dinosaur island and is evergreen forest scented. Perfect for Jurassic Park fans! 

Look how chuffed Derek is with his package man! Thanks Rebecca!


This past weekend, the Northern YA Literature festival was being held in Preston and Taken Moons had a stall and JUST LOOK AT IT. The candles were a total hit! I absolutely loved seeing all of the customers smelling the amazing candles… and buying them too! Rebecca is an absolute star and I can’t wait to see what comes next! 

Now… if you’ve got this far, you deserve a treat! 

I have a rep code for the next month… so if you want a candle from Taken Moons, and fancy a little 10% discount, just apply the discount ALITTLE10 and you’ll get 10% off! Don’t say I don’t treat you guys! 

Which fandom would you love to see a candle for?
Are there any fandoms you feel are under represented?

Let me know in the comments! Go share the Taken Moons love! 

S x

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