S4S – Besties or baddies?


Sunday again. #SixforSunday again. Six more characters again. 

This time we’re talking

Characters I would NOT like to be friends with

Last week, I shared 6 characters I think would make BRILLIANT best friends… this week, 6 that I personally would not enjoy thanks.

  1. The Sleeping Prince – The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy
    LOL. Him. He’s a disaster. He’s pretty mean too. He scares me a bit. There’s a fair few Melinda Salisbury character that are SINISTER. 
  2. Reban Don – Extinction Trials
    This dude is sneaky and sly and I do not approve. I think he’d be the kind of friend who would go behind your back and smile at your face. 
  3. Simon – One of Us Is Lying
    IDK, he’s just a bit sinister and manipulative for my liking.
  4. Phoebe – Freshers
    I just didn’t blend with this gal well. 
  5. Scarlett – Caraval
    Oh man. I mean it might just be my opinion of Caraval reflecting on this choice, but no thanks. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this girl.
  6. Katniss – The Hunger Games
    I think we all know I don’t like her. I could write quite a long blog post on this, but I won’t.

An interesting mix there of people I don’t like because they’re sneaky, and people that I just didn’t click with as characters. 

I’d love to see who you wouldn’t like to have as a friend! It’d be interesting to see if you’ve got any the same as me! Share your choices using the hashtag #SixforSunday and I’ll happily check them out! 

S x

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