March bujo!

Hello March!

You came about quickly… the further this year goes on, the closer I am to qualifying as a teacher. This excites and terrifies me in EQUAL MEASURES. But I’m not here to talk about that today, I’m here to share my March bujo spreads with you all. My bullet journal posts are quickly becoming some of my highest viewed, so thanks for your love for my silly little bujo!

First off I thought I’d share with you February’s finished mood tracker page! I went with hearts and they look very cute all filled in…


Now on to March…

I asked Twitter to be the master of the colour scheme for March and I was pleasantly surprised with the results… I’m not gonna lie, I thought rainbow would win. I may let y’all decide on my bujo colour theme for April… we’ll see! 

bujo tweet


I am a little bit in love with March’s title page. I LOVE the flowers, they are very BATB to me. I think I saw the idea on Google a while ago and it stuck with me. Anything that screams BATB is GRAND with me! 

Next up is my staple ‘Book Post’ page – helps me keep track of the books I receive and reminds me to thank publishers and publicists. Next up, I made a monthly ‘To do’ page – this, I’m hoping, will help me keep track on things. I’m not great at using my weekly to do list, so hoping this one will be better. (It has since got things filled in… LOTS to do in March!!)

Then we have ‘March in moods’ – I’ve gone with bunting and I’m currently using words and smiley/sad faces to depict how I feel. On the next pages I have ‘Cause I’m thankful…’ (name that tune!) – where I track one positive thing a day. I love this page in my bujo. On a really terrible day, it’s lovely to look back. You can always find something positive, no matter how small! I’ve got a new page (because I had a spare page… EEK) so I’ve gone with a page for my blog ideas… who knows what’s going to go on that page guys!


Then, the trusty old weekly spread. This is now a staple in my life. I am still playing around with the layout and the boxes on the right hand page, but tracking my mood throughout the day is BRILLIANT. It’s helped me spot patterns. 

So there we have it! March’s bujo. I only have 1 weekly spread so far, as I kind of skipped the first week because, well, snow took over my life, so no steps to track. My mood suffered because of the snow, but hey ho. Back to work this week has been great!

What’s your theme for March?
Do you do themes?
Would you be brave enough to let Twitter decide on something in your bujo?

Let me see your bujo, tweet me, email me, comment! Let’s talk!

S x

4 thoughts on “March bujo!

  1. Crystal says:

    I loved your theme and layout! I went with a St. Patty’s day theme. I would post it but I am not that great of an artist. 😂 I am doing the mood tracker for the first time this month though!


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