You can’t stop the beat…

Things that have made me smile recently

The Hairspray soundtrack. Hot showers on a cold day. My kids. Teaching. Learning. Reading. Author friends. Gorgeous morning skies. Snuggling up in a warm bed. Kind words. Book post. The NHS. Tablets that make me better. Getting better. Understanding friends. New friends. Books. Finding a book so magical, you feel like a kid again. Starbucks. Biscuits. Bagels. Minty sweets. Having a job I love. Supportive colleagues. Twitter friends. Cat pictures. Sleep. Festiveness. Michael Buble. Bublemas. Buying Christmas presents. Fairy lights. Chasing my dreams. Pyjamas on the radiator. Dancing twiglets. Blogging. Texts. Letters in the post. Books. Always books. 

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