DesertIslandBooks: cupofwonderland

Morning! It’s day 2 of a week of #DesertIslandBooks post, and today is the turn of one of my newest North friends… the gorgeous Hannah from @cupofwonderland.

Check out the rules and her choices below!

DIB rules

You are allowed to take 6 books of your choosing. These can be any 6 you wish.
Okay… six books. I have to choose six books and my mind has gone blank! Can I not just
take a kindle with all my books on it? That should count right? No? Okay… *goes back to
staring at bookshelves for million hours*
The Book Thief By Marcus Zusak
I absolutely adore this book after reading it years ago so it’s definitely due a reread
and it’s a bit of historical fiction to add to my pile.
The Time Traveller’s Wife By Audrey Niffenegger
Again a book I read years ago and completely adored this too!
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban By J.K Rowling
No matter were I go there has to be a Harry Potter Book!
Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell
One of the few books which I am willing to reread over and over again.
A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness, Illustrated By Jim Kay
A beautiful book and story which I only read earlier this year and I already want to
read again.
Ahsoka By E.K Johnson
Star Wars is essential as Harry Potter is and Ahsoka is one of my favourite books!
(Can I bring this as an audiobook cause it has all the sound effects and music in it!)

You are allowed to take a snack of your choosing, this will be provided in unlimited
Popcorn! Especially the bags with sweet and salted mixed!

You may choose from unlimited supplies of tea or coffee.
Tea! Unlimited breakfast tea please!

You are entitled to carry with you ONE music playlist/album (not exceeding 15 songs).
I don’t think I could pick a singular album so will have to be a playlist and I love movie
soundtracks and listening to them all especially when I’m reading, it’s just so relaxing.
Graces’ Lab from Avatar
Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter
Dumbledore’s Farewell from Harry Potter
Time from Inception
O’Children By Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds used in Harry Potter
One Small Fact from the Book Thief
I am Free from Suite Francaise
Jurassic Park Theme Tune
As the World Falls Down from Labyrinth by David Bowie
Duck Shoot from The Crown
Running from The Imitation Game
Alan Turing’s Legacy from The Imitation Game
Star Wars Theme Tune
Inner Sanctum/Nesting Ground from Film Dinosaur
Rogue One Trailer Music because it is perfection.

You MUST CHOOSE ONE BOOK and ONE SONG from your playlist/album that you get
to keep when the Desert police come along.
Firstly this is cruelty, that was the perfect reading playlist for me! How can I pick a single
song and how can I only pick a single book! This is so unfair…

Hedwig’s Theme…And Ahsoka.

I need my two loves of Harry Potter and Star Wars with me.

In addition to this book, you will be given the entire works of Shakespeare and the
I love Shakespeare so no problems are all with that! Finally get to read all the plays that I
haven’t been able to read! On the other hand… the bible can use for keeping the fire going during the cold nights on the beach. (Nothing against the bible but it has no place in my completely Wiccan life so might as well be useful in keeping warm)

Thank you so much Hannah for being castaway! I love that your playlist is all film scores! 

S x

3 thoughts on “DesertIslandBooks: cupofwonderland

  1. A Cup of Wonderland says:

    Thanks for letting me on your DesertIslandBooks! So much fun! I adore soundtracks it actually what I listen to most of the time anyway so had to include them on my list! I really enjoyed this!


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