SixForSunday: You Join In!

So… I am inviting you all to join in #SixforSunday by giving ALL of the themes for the rest of the Sundays until the end of the year! (Of course if you want to do your own theme, then feel free! This is just the list I will be posting!) I would love to see you joining in! If you do decide to join in, remember to use the hashtag #SixforSunday and link me up! I love #SixforSunday posts, they make me so happy! 

So here we go, here’s the prompts (remember, this is what I’ll be posting, you can follow my lead or choose any of the prompts you feel!)

Oct 1 – Favourite fictional lands
Oct 8 – Favourite genres
Oct 15 – Books from TBR
Oct 22 – Books that make me cry/sad
Oct 29 – Scary books (to fit in with Halloween!)

5 Nov – Diverse books
12 Nov – War books 
19 Nov – Books with a colour in the title
26 Nov – Books with a number in the title

3 Dec – Favourite children’s books about winter
10 Dec – Favourite books about Winter
17 Dec – Books from 2017 you’d recommend
24 Dec – Favourite Christmas books
31 Dec – 2018 books you’re excited for

Remember the only stipulation is your can ONLY CHOOSE 6 BOOKS

You can choose to do your favourite books of the prompt, 6 books that you haven’t read of the prompt… whatever you choose! 


Remember the hashtag! #SixForSunday

S x


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