S4S – YALC want books


It’s Sunday again. How is everyone? Having a relaxing day? Tell me what you’re up to. I like a Sunday. It means it’s almost time for SundayYA. This week’s #SixforSunday theme is:

Six books YALC made me want NOW

  1. Goodbye, Perfect – Sara Barnard (out next year, boo!)
  2. Sorrow Book – Melinda Salisbury (C’MON IS IT TIME YET?!)
  3. Tanglewood and Brine – Deidre Sullivan (again, next year, boo!)
  4. Floored – Melinda Salisbury, Sara Barnard, Non Pratt, Lisa Williamson, Tanya Byrne, Eleanor Wood, Holly Bourne (still 2018. sad)
  5. Hero At The Fall – Alwyn Hamilton (2018 is winning on the book front)
  6. The Invasion – Paedar O’Guilin (I managed to get a proof of this, woop!)

What a year 2018 is turning out to be for books! So many wants!

Which books are on your want list?
Which books are you excited for in the future?

Let me know sharing them on your blog or on twitter, use the hashtag #SixforSunday! Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting #SixforSunday announcement in the next few weeks!

S x

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