BOOKBLOG: Alan Windram

One Button Benny: everyone is a superhero!


Sometimes you find heroes in the most unexpected places”

One Button Benny tells the story of Benny, who is different to all the rest of his robot friends. The robots all have buttons on them and they are very useful indeed. The rest of his friends have buttons that they use all the time and they make fun of him because his button isn’t very useful… until it is! 

Benny feels really left out because he can’t use his button every day. All of his friends can. Benny tries to find ways to use his button (I would agree that an empty biscuit tin is an emergency Benny, but well done for not pressing your button!)

I loved this book. The illustrations are gorgeous. His face is just gorgeous. Poor Benny is so sad when his friends are mean but then becomes a whole new robot when his button can be pressed. Benny goes from being a bit of an outcast to being the hero. There is nothing quite as good as a gorgeous hero in a story. Benny couldn’t be a more lovely hero! 

This would be a brilliant story to use in school to tie in with a space or robot topic! Perfect for KS1 for exploring themes around being yourself, being unique and being important. Great to celebrate difference and diversity.

An added bonus is that you can get the audio book and the song Zing, Zang, Zoom from the website too! Brilliant! Kids love listening to a story! (Clicky, click.)

Thank you so much to Alan Windram for sending me a copy of this gorgeous little book! I will be sure to take it into school! 

Have you read One Button Benny?
What would make you press your emergency button?
Can you recommend any other books with the same message?

Let me know on twitter, or in the comments!

S x

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