Ask Miss Elliott

The final installment of #AskMissElliott this year featured some interesting questions, some stupid questions and some that weren’t even questions! So here we are, a few of the choice questions!

Once you started working in this school, what class did you teach first?

I started as a TA in Year 6. Did 3 years in Year 6, then moved to Year 4 as a TA. Two years of being a TA in Y4 and then I got my HLTA job. Ever since I have been all over the school! 


What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Mint choc chip or raspberry ripple. It depends on my mood, but I would never turn down either of those!


Have you ever had a pet?

We had a dog called Sheba when I was a baby and then we had a cat called Jasper. We’ve not had a pet for many years though. I would love to have a cat. I am definitely a cat person, not a dog person.

Which is your favourite day?


Sunday. Maybe? It’s a very relaxing day. I get to go to Starbucks, do some work and some reading. I take part in SundayYA on a Sunday night. The only thing I don’t like about Sundays is that Sunday Night Fever that teachers suffer from! 


What is your favourite crisp? 

I do love Squares. Cheese and onion flavour. But I love all the crisps. 

What is your favourite chocolate?

Galaxy Ripple probably. (I’m secretly a sweets fan more than a chocolate fan, but I do enjoy a good bar of chocolate)

So there you go… not life changing questions. It’s always interesting to see what the children want to know. A few of them this week were about my graduation (with some excellent spellings of graduation… phonics always makes for a laugh!) so we had a chat about graduation! 

Did you try this with your class this year?
How did it go down?
What are your favourite activities to do with your class? 

I would love to hear more interesting activities like this for next year! Teacher training beckons!

S x

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