Happy things…

So a few days ago my gorgeous friend Grace posted a brilliant blog post about things that made her happy, and spurred everyone to do the same… so here we go.

Things that made me happy in the past week. 

Getting so into a book that you lose track of time. Sunshine and shade. Sitting, drinking iced coffee with a book. Smiles from strangers. Meeting incredible authors. Intellectual conversations with friends. Stupid conversations with friends. Calling Twitter friends “friends”. Reading with kids. Reading to kids. Going to work, knowing its what I want to do forever. Kindness. Emails about books. Pictures of the twiglets with stupid Snapchat filters. Good morning texts. 

There are so many other things which make me happy. I quite often get bogged down by the things that make me sad. I’m very in my own head at times. I might make this a semi-regular thing, to remind myself of the positive things in life. 

If you want to read Grace’s post: click, click, click.

I’d love to see other people joining in this! It’s such a lovely idea. 

What makes you happy?
What things do you do to put a smile back on your face?

Let me know in the comments, or on twitter! Share the happy joy! 

S x

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