S4S – Covers

Hello! It’s Sunday already, woah how?!

This week’s theme is:

Six types of book cover I love

I talked about covers I love on Thursday, so here are the 6 types of books that will make me pick them up!

  1. Books with gold on the cover (Hello AQKOT, BBT)
  2. Simple covers
  3. Rainbow covers (Think Becoming Betty, Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index)
  4. Dark, mysterious covers (Sin Eater’s Daughter, hello)
  5. Covers with beautiful spines/pages (Wing Jones, sprayed edges, come at me)
  6. Anything with a hint of magic on the cover! (Paper Magician, The Night Circus)

There you go, if any or many of these things are on your cover… you can guarantee I’ll pick it up. I love the books. OK?

What makes you want to pick up a book?
What attracts you, like a magpie, to a book?
Do you agree with my choices?

Let me know your #SixforSunday on twitter, or link me up on your blog! 

S x