Six for Sunday!

Welcome to Sunday! I don’t normally post on a Sunday but things are going to change, welcome to my new feature:

Six for Sunday

I’ll post 6 things I love/hate every Sunday and topics will vary – mainly bookish ones with wildcards (topics not about books!) coming once a month! I would love to see people joining in and posting their #sixforsunday on Twitter! If you fancy it then go for it!

This week’s Six for Sunday theme is:

Six things I love in a book

  1. When opposites attract.
  2. A brilliant, badass main character (female or male)
  3. A hot, male companion (think Jin in Rebel of the Sands)
  4. Letters found which reveal secrets or give the character a massive revelation
  5. Stories that feature incredible friendship groups 
  6. A “bad boy” with a heart of gold.

What are your favourite plot lines in books?
Who are your favourite characters in books?
What are your #SixforSunday?

Let me know on Twitter, use the hashtag #sixforsunday! Or leave me a comment – do you agree with mine? Or are they your LEAST favourite things?

Six you next Sunday!

S x


21 thoughts on “Six for Sunday!

  1. Kelly | Kelly's Rambles says:

    I ADORE this idea Steph! Big YES for the Jin shout out, Jin is life and all that jazz. Books with strong friendships or sibling relationships are always a big yes for me. That’s one of the reasons I love books like Beautiful Broken Things and Wing Jones, such excellent relationships in those books. Great post 🙂


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