It’s that lovely time of year again when us teachers get some down time. My school elected for 1 week at Easter and 2 weeks now, so here I am with 2 weeks off and I’m sure there’s loads of things I can fill my time with!

Seeing the twigletsalways top of “half term to do” list. I love half term cause it means I can get to see my favourite two humans and spend time with them. I even might get to sneak a school pick up in my second week off… that’d be wonderful! I’ve only ever been to their school once!

Reading – I will OBVIOUSLY be spending a lot of time reading. I have already finished 2 books and am half way through a 3rd. I would love to think that I can get through 10 books? Maybe. I love reading and will try and do it any chance I get! I’m currently reading Noah Can’t Even by Simon James Green. It’s pretty funny!Image result for noah can't even

Doing some exercise – it’s lovely outside at the minute, so even if it’s some walking, I’d love to just get out and about again. I need to get back to the gym – now that uni is done I will have a spare evening, so hoping I can find my inspiration again!

Going to the seaside – the seaside is my FAVOURITE place in the world (any sea side, I’d love to visit a hot one, but the North East coast will have to suffice!) I find it just relaxes me and is a brilliant place to just chill and enjoy a day off. If you need me on a sunny day, you’ll probably find me at the beach with a book!

Buying books – my book buying ban is over in June and I am looking forward to being able to buy books again! Mind, I’ve received lots of books in the post (thank you all you wonderful people in my life) so there’s not been a shortage of reading material! It’ll just be lovely going into a book shop again knowing I can BUY something! I have missed Waterstones!

Packing – the day we go back to school I am going with the Y6s on a residential to London, which is super exciting. We’re going to see Wicked, visiting Harry Potter Studios and doing some lovely touristy stuff in London. It’ll be awesome, so I definitely need to get packed!

Relaxing – just relaxing; spending some time reading and drinking tea and coffee and not being in a rush. Having lazy mornings, not having to be up early, not having anywhere really to be. Just taking life at a slower pace

Now, being a teacher, there are naturally 73927429 things to be done. I do have work to do and I do have planning to do, marking to do, but I want to be able to have a good balance of things for me to do and things for work to do. I sometimes struggle being on holiday from work – I love my job, it gives me great purpose – but I’m hoping this time I can just chill and enjoy the sunshine (if it stays!)

Fellow teachers:
– What are your plans for your half term?
– Is there anything you love doing during half term?
– What is your work/relaxing balance like during half terms?

Let me know in the comments, or on twitter (@eenalol). I’d love to hear what everyone else gets up to!

S x

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