Drawing on interests?


When I found these pictures whilst browsing Pinterest I knew instantly that I needed to use them to inspire my Year 4 class to do some drawing! Throughout the year we have been doing a variety of different portraits (we did selfies, then used Picasso as inspiration) displaying them on the window facing out for the parents to see. I decided our window needed a change and knew this idea was going to be the one! 

As soon as I showed Year 4 these ones they were hooked. They loved the fact they were portraits filled with the people’s favourite things! We then talked about different things which they might put inside their own portrait (it was interesting asking them their favourite things… some of them couldn’t get past X-Box/PS3/iPad!). We then got out sketch books and started sketching! The room was a hive of activity with each child encouraging their friends and talking about what they were drawing! 

I remembered to take a picture of a few examples to share!

I loved this idea and I can’t wait to display it on the window for the parents to see! The kids were so proud of their sketches! I’ll show you all once it’s done!

What kinds of portraits have you done in school? I’m always looking for new ideas! Let me know in the comments or on twitter (@eenalol).

S x

One thought on “Drawing on interests?

  1. TeaPartyPrincess says:

    Oohh they look fab! You have some great artists in yr4 🙂

    I remember when I was in primary school and they set up a projector to use as a light source then drew side-on silhouettes of everyone’s head and we had to guess which outline belonged to which classmate.
    Another one we did was self-portraits from convex/concave mirrors, so much laughter because you look so funny.


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