BOOKBLOG: Mark Sperring

Beauty and the Very Beastly Beast: perfect for this week! 


I LOVE BOOK POST. I love Beauty and the Beast themed book post EVEN MORE. Thank you so much to Katrina at Scholastic for this wonderful book post! It certainly put a massive smile on my face on Saturday morning!


“A fun and feisty picture book retelling of a classic fairytale by bestselling author Mark Sperring. With a double dollop of bravery, Beauty leaves her darling Popsey and beloved sisters behind to live with the dreaded Beast. He has terrifying horns and even scarier table manners. but is the Beast really so very beastly, after all?”

This is such a fun and beautifully illustrated version of the classic Beauty and the Beast classic! I absolutely loved it. It made me smile all the way through. It is a slight twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast that we all know and love, but it doesn’t stray too far from the story we know so was an instant hit with me!

I love all of the colours in this book! They’re so vibrant. This is going to be the perfect book to take into school. The children will love it. My goddaughters (who are turning 6 this week, what how?!) will absolutely love it! I’m going to take it along to them this week to read to them! It would be perfect for any primary classroom – as a book to read for sheet pleasure or to look at alternate versions of stories! 


Thank you so much to Scholastic for sending this to me! I can’t wait to share it with the children and see what they think of it! Check out my twitter in the next few days to see what the children have to say about it! (@eenalol)

If you want to buy this I’m sure you’ll find it in any book retailer! But online you can find it at WaterstonesScholastic and Amazon.

Coming later this week, I have a Beauty and the Beast appreciation post! I hope you’re looking forward to it too! Let me know on twitter or in the comments!

S x

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